Asset Recovery

NEXTGEN EBIZ provides a one-stop solution for decommissioning and retiring end-of-life IT
equipment. Our solution manages all aspects of the process including transportation,
identification, testing, repair, data sanitization, and value recovery.

For customers that are also looking for a partner to handle the de-installations, we have a
solution that efficiently removes, packages, and transports all manner of desktop IT and
enterprise assets. We maintain complete control over the entire process to ensure absolute
data security and maximum environmental sustainability.



Transportation is an important part of the process as this is where most damage occurs and
where sensitive data is the least secure. NEXTGEN EBIZ will manage return logistics to its
processing facilities by providing packaging, palletizing, and secure transport for pick-ups.
Assets are documented at your facility and then remain secure throughout the transportation.
Once they have arrived, our staff will unload the assets, take an inventory and pictures;
comparing the items received to the record generated by the driver at the time of pickup. This
secure / unbroken chain of custody is a critical part of the process and provides the peace of
mind and audit trail required by the most security-conscious corporations.
Identification, Testing and Repair

From recovery through final disposition, we have detailed audit and tracking process. We track
and record any hardware detail you request and provide the report. This typically includes the
serial number, asset tag number, asset type, make/model, and detailed unit configuration. All
identifying labels, marks, asset tags and references to our customer are removed.

NEXTGEN EBIZ then uses scripted processes to test each asset. Functional tests checks for basic
functionality and examines the unit for visual damage and missing components. Diagnostic tests
discover the detailed hardware configuration and system functionality. For devices that need
repair, NEXTGEN EBIZhas a regimented repair process designed to maximize values and support
our environmental corporate objectives. The level of repair can vary by unit type, technology
level, and condition. This decision tree is based around our deep experience in the secondary
market and the market drivers that surround it.


Data Sanitization

The potential of a sensitive data escape represents a substantial risk to your organization. We
have designed our service to protect the confidential nature of this data and to mitigate any
risks in the asset recovery process.

We offer options to erase data either at our facility when equipment is received or onsite at our
customer’s premises.

  • The data overwrite is performed to exceed the NIST 800-88 standard (supersedes Department of Defense 5220-22-M standard) which is widely recognized by governments, OEMs, and global 2000 companies as the standard of measure; 5-pass and 7-pass overwrite options are also available.
  • This overwrite ensures that 100% of sectors are overwritten. Drives with damaged sectors that cannot be overwritten are removed and shredded.
  • Proof of successful completion of the data erasure is provided through a certificate of data destruction.
  • Process audits and third party audits are performed to ensure complete compliance


Value Recovery

To maximize your value recovery on retired assets, NEXTGEN EBIZoffers two key benefits. First,
because of who our clients are and the quantities of assets we handle, we have greater access
to global channels, expanding the sales options to generate return for our clients. Secondly, we
take an integrated team approach, matching product and channel expertise to drive maximum
value recovery. Our volume and scale provides a unique advantage; over the last decade
NEXTGEN EBIZhas used this approach to develop a global marketplace of diverse buyers
including resellers, retailers, brokers and overseas dealers.

NextGen eBiz’s knowledge in remarketing IT equipment extends to desktop IT, enterprise
servers, storage, and networking products. We are committed to ensuring we export quality
working equipment and are selective with our remarketing channels, using reputable long term
buyers who share our values with regards to the environment.